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U.S. Financial has been helping companies with financing on new and used excavators since 1998.  Our excavator financing programs can typically be structured as a lease or loan.  If you are looking for a company that can work with many different credit levels for excavator financing call us today.


  Easy One-Page Financing Application

  Get Short Term Working Capital WOW!

  A, B, & C Credit Programs Available

   Invoice Factoring Program Available

  650+ Credit For A & B Programs

  We Have A Program To Fit You!

  $100,000 Min. In Annual Sales

  Approvals Typically In 24-48 Hours

  No Start-up Companies   Easy Approval Process
  We Finance Nationwide   Questions? Call 888-595-4422


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Working Capital:


Get a working capital loan instead of our traditional financing on your next excavator!  We offer great working capital loans that you can spend however you want.  Learn More > 

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Excavator Financing:

We can offer a wide range of excavator loan or lease financing options.  We can finance equipment that is new or used (not older than 10 years) for up to 60 months.  If you have damaged credit we also provide a C-Credit excavator financing program that can use the strength of your company to get more deals done.  Please give us a call today to see how we can help you finance a excavator. 


Please include a quote on the excavator you wish to buy with the application.  No private party sales.

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Excavator Financing


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Improve Cash Flow With Our: Invoice Factoring!


Is your company growing too fast?  Are you looking for an alternative to excavator financing or a working capital loan?  Don't qualify for excavator financing?  Invoice factoring is your affordable solution.  Invoice factoring works by fronting you money for your outstanding invoices.  Stop waiting 30-90 days for invoices to pay and try invoice factoring today.  Learn more at our invoice factoring website www.usfinco.com.

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Excavator Financing Options

 Excavator Financing Process

Excavator Financing Highlights

We have several financing options, such as;  simple interest loans, $1.00 out leases , 20% residual financing and straight FMV financing.  Tell us your excavator financing goals and let us put together the best excavator financing package for you!

  • Application Only Programs

  • $1.00 Out Leases

  • FMV Financing

  • & More!

Once you have completed our one-page application we will review it in our office.  Financing amounts for excavators normally can be approved without tax returns or financial statements.  Once your financing application is approved, which normally takes about a day, we will call you to go over the terms and conditions of your approval on the excavator.  Once you accept the terms, financing documents will be prepared so that your vendor can be paid and you can get the excavator to grow your business.

  • New & Used Excavators

  • Leases or Loans

  • Terms up to 60 months

  • Financing for $20,000 and up

  • No Start-Up Companies

  • Get Working Capital Loans

  • No Private Party Sales

  • Lower credits will require a financial package &/or collateral listing.

  • We want to know your companies story to help the approval process!


* For Qualified Applicants

* We Reserve The Right To Reject Any Application


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